Plesk Premium Email Tutorial

Welcome to Plesk Premium Email – Powered by Kolab

In this short tutorial you will learn about the most important aspects of the solution so you can get up and running in no time.

First steps

Plesk Premium Email requires system packages to be installed. To install the necessary packages click on the “Install” button in the warning displayed on the Plesk Premium Email panel.

Plesk Premium Email is enabled via subscription-permissions, which can be controlled via service-plans or by modifing the subscription directly.
For convenience the Plesk Premium Email Panel provides switches to set the necessary permissions.

The subscription view with permission switches on the left under “Enabled Applications”


Plesk Premium Email integrates with several solutions to provide a complete collaboration suite:

  • Mattermost provides a secure, real-time chat solution.
  • Seafile provides your own private cloud, diretly integrated into Plesk Premium Email. Upload and share documents for all your devices and seamlessly use them as attachments in your communication.
  • Collabora provides a comprehensive online office document editor including collaborative editing to your collaboration suite.

All integrations can be controlled from within the Plesk Premium Email panel.

Install extensions via the provided “Install” button

Simply install the relevant extension and enable the corresponding permission for the subscription you wish to use the solution for.

Manage users

Plesk Premium Email uses the email users of your Plesk system, so you can simply use the regular UI to manage them.

Public and shared folders

Plesk Premium Email allows you to share Email-Folders, Calendars, Tasklists and Addressbooks with other users through shared folders.
This can be used for small self-organized teams or if you would like to share your personal Calendar with another users.

Public folders allow you to create folders that can be shared subscription-wide. Access can be controlled per user, so some can have full access, some read-only and some none at all.
Popular usecases for public folders are for instance an office calendar or a company addressbook.

Put the solution to work

The Roundcube webinterface

To use Plesk Premium Email you can use the webinterface or your choice of desktop and mobile clients.

Seafile and Mattermost both provide clients for various platforms an are integrated into the Plesk Premium Email webinterface.

Collabora document editing

Collabora’s functionality is only available through the Plesk Premium Email webinterface.


If something is not working as expected the Troubleshooting-Tab may help you detect common configuration issues.